Is cycling course tough?

Most of the course is flat and designed to enjoy and feel relaxed in a non touristy area. This is not the cycling to seek for speed. We are sure to keep traffic rules and your guide selects the roads with less traffic.

What kind of bikes do we use?

We use cross bikes made by Giant Co. Ltd. There is a rental bike service and bikes are well maintained. You can easily use the bikes as long as you could ride a bike. Your guide will give you a short instruction about how to ride the cross bikes before starting the tour.


Do you conduct the tour on rainy days?

Basically we conduct the cycling tour regardless of rain or wind. But we have other options if you don’t want to go cycling in bad weather. You could select alternative walking tour or cancel the tour itself. In case we consider we could cancel the tour for safety due to terrible weather, we’ll inform you by e-mail or phone.

Could I cancel the tour?

We understand that there are something unexpected or unavoidable happening to you. You could cancel the tour and cancellation process is followed by our cancellation policy.

What should I bring?

You can rent a helmet as well as a bike. In addition we have some sunscreens, insect repellent sprays .Please take your valuables with you. Our bikes don’t have baskets, so please bring backpacks in which you can put your baggage.

Is lunch included in the tour?

Our walking or cycling tours will end around 13:00 and it’s good time to have lunch. Since there are few restaurants which have menus translated into foreign languages and staffs who speak only Japanese, We will take you to a local restaurant near around. Please be aware that the cost of lunch is NOT included in the tour fee. It’ll be a nice experience to try local food.

I’m a vegetarian, do you know any vegetarian restaurants?

We can tell you some dishes which doesn’t use fish or meet. Please let us know in advance. Please understand there are hardly any vegetarian restaurants in Toyama Prefecture at present.

How should I pay?

We will send you a PayPal invoice. Please pay the fee by your credit card.