Why do we offer the guided tours?

We always consider Japan is not the country of Samurais, Ninja, Geisha, or The aristocracy. It’s true that they show great charms to foreign tourists as well as Japanese people. Nowadays Big cities like Tokyo or Kyoto which symbolize “The Image Of Japan” attract the tourists from the world. But we often wonder.
There might be quite a few tourists who could not be satisfied with only walking around famous spots and they desire to feel and learn real Japan from a different point of view?

Looking back on the experience of our travels, The most memorable things are feeling how local people live, for example, Talking with local people, eating and drinking local foods, riding a bicycle in a park. We remember these typical things better rather than visiting famous sightseeing spots. So we decided to provide our original guided tours focused on our daily lives, the culture and history of common people.

Our home town Toyama Prefecture is really full of attractions. You could enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the mountains but the true charm is how we have lived in this place. We take a journey between the present and the past, picking out some stories of farmers, fishermen, merchants and craftsmen. We love every moment of the stories. In everywhere there are so many gems passed down throughout our history, but sometimes it is unknown even to local people.

We take you to the places where you could find these gems and it will be a nice opportunity to feel real Japan in a cozy atmosphere. Welcome to OmatourToyama!

About your guide

I was born and bred in Toyama. I speak both Japanese and English. After returning to my home town from Tokyo, I’ve a lot of findings of the wonderful charms of Toyama Prefecture. I like to learn culture, history and food of Japan and taking pictures is my favorite hobby. I hope you could enjoy my tours by feeling and learning the beauty of real, daily Japan.