Toyama Glass Art Museum in TOYAMA KIRARI


A museum about modern glass art works in Toyama City

In Toyama City, they have worked to develop the culture of glass art for about 30 years by training talented glass artisans.You could see some of the collections of glass art works in Toyama Glass Art Museum, which is located in the building of TOYAMA KIRARI opened in 2015.There is a permanent exhibition featuring Dale Chihuly. He is an glass artist from USA and you could take the photos of his installations. One of his works displays vivid colored glass balls together with an old Japanese vessel used for crossing Jinzuu River in Toayama City in old days. The audience will strongly feel the power of glass art as space art.


There are other facilities like library in TOYAMA KIRARI and variety of glass artworks made by the artists related to Toyama City. You will find nice artworks with rich emotions.

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