Himi Udon: local specialty from 260 years ago


Himi city is one of the regions where udon is a special product which has more than 260 years history. You could have a chance to have udon which has kept the same taste and flavor since Edo era(1603~1868).

Udon is a typical Japanese noodle made from wheat flours. It is served hot in a broth or cold to be eaten after dipped in a sauce called “Tsuyu”. Udon is often cooked both at home and restaurants all around Japan.

“Takaokaya” is a great udon producer in Himi city. They started the business about 260 years ago and the quality of their udon product was so highly valued that the lord of Maeda clan who ruled the domain of Kaga including Himi loved the udon and Takaoka became the purveyor for the lord.

There are roughly 2 types in their products. One is dried noodle which could be stored for a long time. Another is fresh noodle and it’s better in the taste and flavor but not so suited for long storage. As for the fresh type, they produce it in the same way established 260 years ago and all the process is done by hand.

Here is a video of how to produce this great fresh udon.


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