Guided Tours For Local Experience In Toyama Prefecture

We are focused on showing common people’s culture and history in Toyama Prefecture. We open the door to go onto the travel to feel local lives. We’re focused on the guided tours in Takaoka and Himi. These towns are located in the western part of Toyama Prefecture.
In famous sightseeing places, you could find many temples, shrines, castles supported by samurais and nobles or emperors. However, they occupied a very small ratio of the population. Many parts of Japanese culture have been developed by common people like merchants, artisans, farmers, fishermen, which are deeply connected to our daily life. So there are many local gems in Japan not found by tourists yet and that’s why we provide the tours for local experience to feel real Japan.

Where are Takaoka and Himi?

maps of takaoka and himi, toyama

Tour On Unbeaten Tracks In Toyama, From Kanazawa

We at OmatourToyama invite you to our original guided tours in Toyama Prefecture. It is located next to Kanazawa, taking 15 minutes by the bullet train called “Hokuriku-Shinkansen”. Maybe you’ve never heard about this place, but if you want a day to escape from crowded tourist sites and to see daily aspects of Japan, Takaoka and Himi in Toyama Prefecture are suitable destinations. There are many charming points in nature, history, culture, food and else. <More about our concept>

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