Shin-Takaoka Station


Shin-Takaoka Station is a station where Hokuriku shinkansen(bullet trains) stop and it’s the next station to Kanazawa Station. Japan Rail Pass can be used along the line of Hokuriku shinkansen.


From Kanazawa:


From Toyama:

You can download PDF file of the timetable.

From Tokyo:

Please visit TrainRouteFinder if you want to know the timetable from Tokyo.
If you take “Kagayaki”, please transfer to “Hakutaka” at Toyama Station. If you take “Asama”, transfer at Nagano Station and wait for “Hakutaka” there. “Hakutaka” stops at every station along Hokuriku shinkansen and you can directly arrive at Shin-Takaoka Station.

From Shirakawa-go/Gokayama:

Taking a bus is the best way to get to Shin-Takaoka Station from Shirakawa-go or Gokayama.

The bus stop at Shin-Takaoka Station is No.4.
You can download PDF file of the timetable.

Meeting Point

When we meet at Shin-Takaoka Station for our tour, the meeting point is the place in the photos.


Bus To Himi City

There is a round trip bus between Shin-Takaoka Station and Himi City. Please check the access to totoza.