Takaoka City

Shin-Takaoka Station

Shin-Takaoka is a station where the Hokuriku shinkansen(bullet trains) stops and tourists can go to some sightseeing cities such as Kanazawa or Tokyo. Japan Rail Pass can be used at Shin-Takaoka Station.

From Kanazawa:

By Train

15 minutes from Kanazawa Station to Shin-Takaoka Station. Be sure to take the two categories shinkansen called “Hakutaka” or “Tsurugi” which stop at Shin-Takaoka Station. “Kagayaki” doesn’t stop at the station.

From Tokyo:

By Train

About 3 hours from Tokyo to Shin-Takaoka Station. You can take three categories “Kagayaki”, “Asama”, “Hakutaka” but only two categories “Hakutaka” and “Tsurugi” doesn’t stop at Shin-Takaoka Station.

From Shirakawa-go/Gokayama:

By Bus

About 2 hours from Shirakawa-go or Gokayama to Shin-Takaoka Station. You can take the bus without reservation.
Please check the detail of the access to Shin-Takaoka Station.

Takaoka Station

Takaoka is the place where local trains stop, except for shinkansen.

From Kanazawa:

By Train

40 minutes by a local train. There is a train called “Ainokaze” which connects Kanazawa and Takaoka Station, although Japan Rail Pass could not be used along the route. The fare is 820 yen for one-way ticket.

From Shin-Takaoka Station:

By Bus

About 8 minutes by bus between Shin-Takaoka Station and Takaoka Station. A bus leaves every 30 minutes.Please check the detail of the access to Takaoka Station

Himi City

Himi City is located between Kanazawa and Takaoka. It’s a good place to enjoy countryside cycling.


Totoza is a museum about the fishery in Himi City and the starting point of our cycling tour. Please check how to get to Totoza.

From Shin-Takaoka Station

By Bus

About 50 minutes by “Kaetsunou-bus”.

From Kanazawa:

By Car

About 65 minutes from Kanazawa Station via “Hokuriku” Expressway and “Nouetsu” Expressway